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thanks, tom |

A Writer’s Midlife Confession

I’m thirty-five, single, and my life doesn’t look like I hoped it would at this point. There are plenty of great things …

remember the spring |

the truth of spring

[17 February 2012…the end] An end to a beginning — of sorts. A sort of true false-start. The story won’t necessarily start …

part of backyard renovation, pre & post | may 2012

be the ground beneath that sky

Day five of my week of knowing and not-knowing, earlier this year… [16 February 2012] Oh to be someone, she thought. Not …

step out

Whoever you may be: step into the evening. Step out of the room where everything is known. Whoever you are, your house …

a humbling reflection

One day there’ll be almost nothing except what you’ve written down, then only what you’ve written down well, then little of that.” …

unspeakable hope

Everything conspires to silence us, partly with shame, partly with unspeakable hope.” # Rilke