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#thanks2 #day05 rilke & the written word |

day five: rilke & the written word

Thankful for Rilke & the written word. #thanks2 #day05 Had a great conversation with a friend today about the importance of waiting. Most of the …

#thanks2 day03: bookclub |

day three: book club!!

Thankful for the best book club with the best girls. #thanks2 #day03 I can’t even remember how long I’ve been a part of this …

#thanks2 day two: good jobs with good friends |

day two: good job & good friends

Thankful for a good job with good friends, that put a little salty-pep back in my step. #thanks2 #day02 ¡ nine estate sales ! the …

"let me show you the work of the humble. listen." |

sometimes, it’s all in the name

The digital world of photography has created a space for every photograph to have its own name. This overwhelms me at times, like …

"give yourself to what you cannot hold" #rilke |

wanting more

These past few weeks I have become increasingly aware of the labels my mind attaches to things. Good, bad, stupid, successful, no …

in loving memory of life |

never too late

Yesterday as I was wandering around Elmwood Cemetery taking pictures, I wondered why graveyards fascinate me so much — warm green grass …