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The Blog

Welcome to everyday poetry.

This blog is my place to share the way I see life — and that is mostly through the lens that even the ordinary everyday has a bit of poetry to it. I’m using the term poetry loosely here, to express the depth of certain moments and the poignancy of particular words we use in an attempt to describe such sights and experiences.

Every day the possibility of beauty exists. Do we see it?

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The Author

My name is Bet(h) Mercer — sometimes the h is silent. I blog here at Everyday Poetry, and also had the honour of blogging for Gimme Some Reads, as its sole writer, for the first year (2013). I write poetry, stories, and screenplays. I’m a freelance editor. I’ve travelled to 16 countries* (some of them multiple times) and always with just one carryon suitcase. I’m a photographer and have had five shows (one was a one-day event on the L-train in Chicago). I love reading, watching films and TV, and listening to music — I especially love rereading, rewatching, and relistening. I enjoy sitting around with friends chatting about everything under the sun. I have a lively laugh that has several phases, one of which involves tears.

*England (5x), Ireland (3x), Scotland, Wales, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Rwanda, Kenya, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia

A Few of My Favourite Things

Authors/Poets: Jane Austen, ee cummingsTS Eliot, CS LewisLM MontgomeryAnne PerryRainer Maria Rilke, JRR Tolkien

Musicians: Ólafur ArnaldsJónsiMumford & SonsRadiohead, Sigur RósWaterdeep

TV Shows: Sherlock, MI-5, Lie to MeLife, ElementaryInspector Lewis, Luther, The Arrow, Bletchley Circle, Endeavour

Films: Lord of the Rings, Bourne Identity, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion, Lost in Translation